Thursday, August 14, 2008

More football!!!!

We had our first scrimmage last night. It was awesome!!! I didn't realize how excited I would get about football. Practices suck.....and thankfully the conditioning part is over now. But watching them actually get out there against another team is really cool. All the boys hard work has really paid off. They were awesome and did alot better than I was expecting. Oh and one more thing......We had weigh-in's this week. And Jackson has lost 10lbs from playing football!!! I was shocked, Jackson was really proud of himself though.

Ok, back to the scrimmage. When Jackson got up on that line across from a kid who I swear was big enough to be in 10th grade, I was really nervous. But more importantly, I was so excited to see Jax hit him! Is that wrong? Oh well! I would like to see that kids drivers license and birth certificate though, ha ha......he was huge!!! Anyway, Jax got knocked to the ground the first 2 plays, but he got right back up and kept going. And then he seemed to find his groove and held his own for the rest of the game. I was really proud of him. Our first game is on Saturday.....I CAN'T WAIT!!!! A much needed Gatorade break!!!!
I love this pic. It will be great for the scrapbook. I just thought it was so cute to see him sitting there waiting to go into the game.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Huxley !!!

Some latest pics of my nephew Huxley!! He is sooooooo cute!!! My sister SueAnn and Huxley are coming out to visit us for a week in August! Jackson and I are so super excited to have them with us. And he's really excited that they can join me in taking Jackson to his first day of 4th grade!!!!!

The first tackle...

Okay, so I have just realized that one of the hardest things to watch your son do, is get tackled for the first time. I also realized that in all the years I watched football, I never really put much thought into how much a tackle would actually hurt. I know that sounds funny, but as a girl, it's really the last thing on my mind ! Now I realize that I didn't prepare Jax for it the best that I could. I mean, we talked about football being tough and that he would get hurt. But how do you prepare your child to get the shit knocked out of him? Especially when I've never been tackled! How do you prepare him and let him know how much it's gonna hurt and what to expect?

Well, Jackson took a beating last night. Most of the 2 hour practice was tackling and getting knocked around. I was a nervous's should not have to watch this!!! The first tackle knocked him to the ground and he just laid there. I think he was in shock. I know I was, as I leaned on the fence biting my nails! His coach picked him up and smacked his butt and said some encouraging words to him. Which was nice to see. I have to add, my son's coaches are awesome. They are tough, but at the same time they really build the kids up and really teach them alot, and most importantly, they really do care about the kids.

Anyway, after his tackle, Jax came over to me on his way back across the field, I could see 2 tears falling down his cheeks. He just looked at me and said,"mom, it really hurts". Holy shit!! What do you say to your kid at this point? How do you not baby him in front of his team? Why does he have to be so damn grown up already at only 9 yrs old? All I could say was," it's always gonna hurt buddy, it's football. You're doing a good job out there, just stay tough, and go kick some ass" He smiled and ran back out on the field.

The good news is, I finally have all the pads figured out and what pockets they go in. And last night I realized I had his belt all jacked up too. Other than me not knowing what I'm doing, I think we're getting the hang of it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

We made it!!!

I'm happy to report that we made it through the first week of football. It was one of the toughest weeks we've had to get through. But Jackson has been amazing. And he hasn't quit. This week will be more of the same. But I think if we made it through the first week we'll make it through this one. By Friday night, Jax and I seemed to have gotten into the swing of things. This weekend, he woke me up and wanted to do his football workout right away in the morning. (i was more focused on gettin my morning coffee, but i was glad that he was excited) And Sunday night he was studying his "play book". He is definitely focused!!! I will keep you posted on how things go!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

not tough enough...

I don't think I'm tough enough to be a football mom. There I've said it. How does any mom get through this without crying at every practice. Last night the two hour practice seemed to take forever. They ran the kids into the ground. I watched Jackson get to the point of utter exhaustion. During a water break he would just lean against the fence and try to pour water into his mouth. He could tell by the look on his face that he was struggling and it was tearing my heart out. After an hour and 15 minutes of practice I didn't think he was gonna make it through. But my little guy pressed on. I was so proud of him, but at the same time I wanted to run out on the field and pick him up and take him home. Then there was about 10 minutes left of practice, as Jackson was running, barely able to lift his feet off the ground he looked over at me from the field with tears running down his face. I just yelled,"don't quit buddy, it's almost over". He made it through. He could barely walk to the car afterwards. He got in, put the seat back and cried the whole way home. I told him I was very proud of him for sticking with it. And pushing himself. And I was. My little guy is the toughest little guy I know. He's stronger and more driven than his mother every could be. This is going to be a very long season.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Football season started last night. Whooo Hooooo!!!! Practice is 5 nights a week, 2 hours a night for the first 3 weeks. Not sure how we are gonna handle all that....but we'll do our best. This is Jackson's first year playing and he was sooooo nervous. They actually draft the players here, so the first night was a big deal. Jackson tried his hardest and I was sooo proud of him. He got drafted to the blue team which happened to be a winning team last year. Hopefully this year will be the same!!! Here is a pic of him in his football gear. He couldn't wait to put his helmet on!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jax and his step-bro

So Jackson finally met his new step brother and his new step mom down in Texas. His dad got married last year before he went to Iraq and this was the first opportunity for them to meet. Jackson had a great time. They were swimming and doing fun stuff everyday. Thanks to Eileen who made Jackson feel comfortable and welcome! Here is a pic of Jax and his step bro (that's what he calls him) Dylan.

I'm back!!!

Hello everyone! So I've been away for a few weeks....but I'm back! Let me explain......My laptop died so my blogging has had to be put on hold for a while. And Jackson has been away with his dad for the last 3 weeks in Texas. So I have been dealing with no laptop and just being depressed. Seems like my life literally stops when my son is gone. I go to work and go home, walk the dog and then park my butt on the couch. I even eat dinner on the couch! How freakin pathetic. Anyway, Now Jax is back, and we are back on schedule! I did manage to complete a few projects the last week Jax was gone. Mostly painting projects. I think I was gearing up for him to come back. Once I get my laptop working again I will post those pics too. For now....I'm blogging from work! Ha Ha Ha

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

only tuesday....

It's only tuesday and the weekend seems so far away. I think I'm sad, maybe depressed too. I keep thinking about my friend Christina. Her father passed away a few days ago and I know how bad she's hurting but I can't be there for her cause i'm so far away. I feel helpless. I hate to know that my friend is hurting and going through one of the saddest most tragic weeks of her life. Please keep Christina, Calvin, and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, June 20, 2008


It's Friday! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! I'm so excited that this week is finally over. It always seems that the first week back to work after a vacation seems sooooooo long.

So Jackson and I have been struggling to get out of bed every morning this week. And today, as I was waking Jackson up....he struggled to open his eyes and said in the sweetest voice "is it finally friday?" "YEP BABY IT SURE IS!!! " I said! He got right up and started getting ready. We couldn't wait to get the day started just so it could be over with. We even celebrated on the way to work/daycare, with a trip through McDonalds drive through for a bacon egg 'n cheese breakfast bagel . We absolutely love them(minus the breakfast sauce of course, gross and ridiculously fattening)

We are planning on swimming ALOT this weekend! The pool in our development is ready and waiting!!! And of course, Couper is getting a trip to the Bark Park! Also we'll be getting ready for our yardsale next weekend. Still haven't decided how we'll spend our yardsale earnings. The choices a trampoline, go to a waterpark, go camping, or buy a tv for mommy's bedroom! hmmmmm....pretty sure mom is going to lose the tv!!! but oh well :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fishing with Pappy

While we were back home in PA, we took a fishing trip with my dad. Even though we didn't catch anything we still had a great time!

I think this hat might be the reason we didn't catch anything.....I probably scared them all away!!! Yep....that's right.....I'm a dork!!!

A new addition!!!!

Congratulations to my sister Sue Ann!!! She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Huxley Glenn Anderson Williams, on Monday June 9th at 10:35pm. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be there for the entire labor. It was amazing! She was in labor for 22 hours and dealt with it better than I would have. I'm so proud of her. The birth of my nephew was a day Jackson and I will never forget. We are so excited to have a baby in the family that we can spoil and love!
Jackson holding his cousin for the first precious!

Jackson and Huxley.....4 days old!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I love making smores!! And at our house we don't wait until we go camping to make them. In the winter we make them in our fireplace in the family room and in the summer we make them on the back patio! YUMMY!!!! Did you know they've just come out with flavored marshmallows??? Chocolate and Strawberry !! Quite possibly the greatest new treat I've found in a while!!! Jackson's friend Dylan slept over last week. It was a great time! Not alot of sleeping....but we had a good time anyway!

Playing on our tire that's summer!!!

Soccer, soccer, soccer....

Soccer season is finally over. Here are some pics from our undefeated winning season. WhooHoo!!! Go Red Rhinos!!!!

Jackson in action!!! Go #20!!!

Celebrating another win!!!


Jackson received his 4H medal and certificate for completing different programs within 4H. He was so proud of it so we thought we'd post it! Our daycare actually provides different programs like this for the kids to participate in. I think it's great that they have extra programs to involve the kids in besides just playing all day. We are so blessed to have the daycare that we do. All of our teachers are fabulous and always smiling which makes going there at the buttcrack of dawn alot easier! Here's a shoutout to all the good daycare providers in the world that make life a little less worrisome for mom's like me.

Christina....check out his ultra cool Indiana Jones t-shirt!!! We found them at the GAP along with really cool vintage looking Star Wars ones!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Road Trip!!!

This weekend Jackson and I are packing up the car and heading back to PA for an entire week to meet my new nephew! My sister's due date was today and still no baby! The doctor said they will enduce her if she hasn't had him by tuesday. We are so excited to meet baby _____??? (Still no name yet)

Jackson has decided to make some tie dye onesies for his new cousin as a gift, and I have been working on personalized bottles of champagne for everyone that will be at the hospital. I'll be sure to post many pics.

We have also scheduled a fishing trip with's been a while since we've been out fishing together and it will be a great way to celebrate father's day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Man bashing....

Disclaimer.....I'm grouchy and very pissed right now. So what I'm about to say may be harsh and may come across as ugly. But oh freakin well...I need to vent so I'm gonna do it!

Do men have any idea what it's like to be a woman? Do they even care? I just don't understand how a man can not understand how important weddings and babies are to women. As a child, my sister and I played with Barbies, our Barbies had the most lavish weddings! We even sewed gorgeous wedding gowns and matching bridesmaids dresses, we even made them gorgeous bouquets. Then they drove off with Ken in their very pink corvette and lived happily ever after. This was my dream minus the pink someday meet a man who was gonna let me have the wedding of my dreams. So what the hell happened? When did I become such a pushover? When did I lose my inner bitch diva that would stand up and scream," I deserve this and no I won't get married until I get it" Who the hell knows...all I know is that I've been married twice and have yet to have my wedding. My day.

My advice to any single women out there. Don't give up your dream of the perfect day. Or the perfect family. I believe it's out there, and I also believe that if a man truly loves you he will move heaven and earth to give you the few things that you ask for. As women and mothers and wives we sacrifice constantly. We don't need to be absolutley spoiled everyday, but there are a few key moments in a girls life where things just needs to be right. Right down to the last perfect detail. Or it will forever haunt you and bother you. My advice to men.....just the hell up and color, if your woman wants 20 bridesmaids and a 12 tier cake you better make that shit happen. It's one day.....give it to her!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Soy Milk???

I have struggled with Jackson and milk for years, and I think I've finally found the answer!!! Jackson has never been a milk drinker and to be honest, neither have I. Apart from putting it in coffee, cereal, or dunking cookies in it we would never drink it at all. But lately, the commercials for Silk have been speaking to me. I remember trying Soy milk years ago and it was gross. But yesterday I picked up a half gallon of Vanilla Silk Soy Milk and to my surprise .....we love it!!! Jackson not only drank a complete glass right away, he asked for more before bed and this morning wanted it in his cereal too! I have always turned my nose up at things that are not the "norm". I'm not one for trying new things and I absolutely avoid change if at all possible. But I'm so excited about this stuff, even put it in my coffee this morning, we can't wait to try the chocolate!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Pee in the kitchen...

Okay, so far so good with the dog. But there is one thing that seems a bit strange to me. Is there any way that a dog can actually be toilet trained? I don't mean where he holds it and goes to the door to be let out I mean actually trained to pee in some type of toilet. Couper our dog has been doing great. So I decided I wouldn't make him stay in the kennel at night anymore. Well, three times now he has gone down into the kitchen and pee'd in his water dish!!! Not just a puddle on the floor, not just anywhere, but he aimed and got it in the water bowl. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I guess I can't get too mad when he actually puts it there rather than on the carpet or on the furniture, right? Is there such thing as a doggie urinal? Maybe he's a person that even possible. There are moments when he seems so human like in his expressions. I think our dog is strangely unique....I only wish I knew his story and where he came from.......

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our newest addition....

This weekend we were blessed with a new edition to our family. Couper is a little tiny beagle that my Aunt Nona had found roaming the streets back in PA. He had no collar and was so skinny and obviously hadn't been taken care of. She had seen him around town for over 2 weeks and finally she took him in to see if they could find his owners. Well, no one knew anything about this sweet little dog. So she asked if we would take him. It was that, or the pound. Luckily we were planning on driving back to PA for my sisters baby shower anyway so it just worked out perfectly. My son fell in love with him as soon as he saw him. And he promptly named him Couper (we were hoping SueAnn would name her baby Couper, but she didn't think that was the right name) Anyway, I find myself loving this dog too...he has the saddest eyes I've ever seen. And he is such a lover I feel like he was meant to be with us. He is really coming out of his shell more and more every day and showing his true beagle spunk! And we are spoiling him rotten!! He had his first trip to PetSmart already!!!

Baby, Baby, Baby

This weekend was my sister's baby shower. That's me and her above. Her little bundle of joy is due June 6th! I can't even put into words how excited I am to be an Aunt for the first time!
I have spent the last 3 months planning her baby shower and it turned out to be awesome. We had an English Tea Party Shower, complete with cucumber sandwiches and blueberry & vanilla scones! Everyone had a great time and Sue Ann (my sister) got a truckload of baby gifts! Below is a diaper cake that I turned out beautiful, can you believe I used 133 diapers to make it??

I also made little watering can picture holders. I found a bunch of my sisters baby pics, copied them, blew them up, cropped them and stuck them in the holders as decorations for each table! Very cute!!!
The food was amazing!!! Did I mention the Raspberry Cheesecake??? OMG!!!!

I'm a graduate!...well, sort of....

So I finally did it! I finished not one, but 2 CCAF degrees. These are Associate Degrees obtained from the Community College of the Air Force. Now to give some has taken me exactly 14 years to accomplish this. I know, I can stop laughing now!! As a single mom, and an active duty airman in the USAF, life can be pretty busy. Suddenly years slip by and you still haven't made education a #1 priority. I mean how can you? There's work, the gym, my son, soccer, guitar lessons, birthday parties, grass to be mowed, laundry....laundry...laundry, making breakfast, making dinner, packing a lunch, groceries....groceries....groceries, Jackson's homework that I sometimes don't even understand myself, bathtime, story time and prayers, mom I need to bring snack for all 30 kids tomorrow, then of course....relationships...uuugh, and by the way will someone please dust the top of my's freakin nasty!!!

And after all of that...I can finally say that I finished my CCAF degrees. It's not easy going to school when I can squeeze it in. But this made it all worth it. It was a really proud moment for me. My son Jackson was there to see me, and he was so proud he even drew a picture of it. And thank you so much to my parents who drove for nearly 8 hours just to cheer me on! It was awesome for them to be there for this. Now, my goal is to get my Bachelor's before my son graduates!

This blog thing should be easy, right?

Alot has been happening this past month....of course, I have failed to log it all into my blog! Why?? I have no idea....the internet is so easy, so accessible, so why is it so hard for me to take 5 mins. and sit down and write about what's going on? Hmmmm....interesting. I could do it at my desk at work, I walk by my laptop probably 20 times a day as I'm running up and down the stairs over and over, I could even get to it from my cell phone.....yet somehow it just doesn't get done. Maybe it's because I think too much...once I put it in my blog, it's there....and anyone can see it right? Do I really want people knowing what I really think? This could be dangerous!! Anyway, once again, I am going to promise myself that this is something I should sit down and do. At least once a week...I mean I'm sure I can find time once a week right?? Well, we will see.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jealousy...the evil monster lurking within....

I admit it.....I tend to be jealous. It's not something I'm proud of and I have a tough time admitting it, but it's the truth. And the worst part is, I get jealous about things that may not even be true. Being a working mom, I am jealous of those who dont' have too work and can stay home and not miss a moment of their childs life. I am jealous of the women with storybook lives. The amazing wedding, with more bridesmaids than I can count, the reception, the first dance to a song that meant something to the happy couple. The toasts, the cake....The husband who works so they don't have too. Who is supportive, who is a great father, and knows the importance of kids coming first. I'm jealous of the women who I never seem to run into when they are having a bad hair day. Yet somehow, everytime I run into them, it's not my best day!

I was at a dreaded birthday party last weekend. It was a party for one of my son's little friends at an arcade/kids fun zone type of place. Anyway, of course it was for one of the "perfect" families that I dread running into. The ones I see out grocery shopping together, doing things together, laughing, smiling together. The couple who always looks amazing. Perfect hair, outfit, make -up, blah blah blah. And then there's son had soccer that morning so I am totally wearing my soccer mom gear, ball cap, t-shirt and running pants with sneakers. We go directly from soccer then home to change my son and wrap the gift. Of course we're running late so I have no time to change or put on make-up...nothing. Jax is excited to get there, been talking about it all week. Me...i'm just biting my tongue and looking forward to it being over. We walk in, kids are having a blast, I find myself way underdressed for the occasion. B-day boys' mom looks fantastic as always, as if she just came from the salon. B-day dad is the happy father, video taping and obeying his wifes every command. They of course, make small talk with me and I laugh and pretend that I actually fit in with these people. I am suddenly back in high school. The poor girl, with jacked up hair and clothes from the thrift store. Why do I do this to myself? Why haven't I gotten over that yet? And why does it still bother me? uuuuuugh!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jax and Politics...

So this morning Jax gave me his view on the upcoming election...he says Hillary Clinton can't win because she'll mess up the laws and make everything girly! Works for me!!!! Political views from a 9 year old crack me up!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My first post...

This is my first post on my new blog. Seems as though all of my girls have blogs and it's about time I actually sat down and set one up too. Hopefully I'll be able to consistently update it....but we all know that I'll be lucky if I get around to it once a week!