Monday, July 21, 2008

Jax and his step-bro

So Jackson finally met his new step brother and his new step mom down in Texas. His dad got married last year before he went to Iraq and this was the first opportunity for them to meet. Jackson had a great time. They were swimming and doing fun stuff everyday. Thanks to Eileen who made Jackson feel comfortable and welcome! Here is a pic of Jax and his step bro (that's what he calls him) Dylan.

I'm back!!!

Hello everyone! So I've been away for a few weeks....but I'm back! Let me explain......My laptop died so my blogging has had to be put on hold for a while. And Jackson has been away with his dad for the last 3 weeks in Texas. So I have been dealing with no laptop and just being depressed. Seems like my life literally stops when my son is gone. I go to work and go home, walk the dog and then park my butt on the couch. I even eat dinner on the couch! How freakin pathetic. Anyway, Now Jax is back, and we are back on schedule! I did manage to complete a few projects the last week Jax was gone. Mostly painting projects. I think I was gearing up for him to come back. Once I get my laptop working again I will post those pics too. For now....I'm blogging from work! Ha Ha Ha