Saturday, June 7, 2008


I love making smores!! And at our house we don't wait until we go camping to make them. In the winter we make them in our fireplace in the family room and in the summer we make them on the back patio! YUMMY!!!! Did you know they've just come out with flavored marshmallows??? Chocolate and Strawberry !! Quite possibly the greatest new treat I've found in a while!!! Jackson's friend Dylan slept over last week. It was a great time! Not alot of sleeping....but we had a good time anyway!

Playing on our tire that's summer!!!

Soccer, soccer, soccer....

Soccer season is finally over. Here are some pics from our undefeated winning season. WhooHoo!!! Go Red Rhinos!!!!

Jackson in action!!! Go #20!!!

Celebrating another win!!!


Jackson received his 4H medal and certificate for completing different programs within 4H. He was so proud of it so we thought we'd post it! Our daycare actually provides different programs like this for the kids to participate in. I think it's great that they have extra programs to involve the kids in besides just playing all day. We are so blessed to have the daycare that we do. All of our teachers are fabulous and always smiling which makes going there at the buttcrack of dawn alot easier! Here's a shoutout to all the good daycare providers in the world that make life a little less worrisome for mom's like me.

Christina....check out his ultra cool Indiana Jones t-shirt!!! We found them at the GAP along with really cool vintage looking Star Wars ones!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Road Trip!!!

This weekend Jackson and I are packing up the car and heading back to PA for an entire week to meet my new nephew! My sister's due date was today and still no baby! The doctor said they will enduce her if she hasn't had him by tuesday. We are so excited to meet baby _____??? (Still no name yet)

Jackson has decided to make some tie dye onesies for his new cousin as a gift, and I have been working on personalized bottles of champagne for everyone that will be at the hospital. I'll be sure to post many pics.

We have also scheduled a fishing trip with's been a while since we've been out fishing together and it will be a great way to celebrate father's day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Man bashing....

Disclaimer.....I'm grouchy and very pissed right now. So what I'm about to say may be harsh and may come across as ugly. But oh freakin well...I need to vent so I'm gonna do it!

Do men have any idea what it's like to be a woman? Do they even care? I just don't understand how a man can not understand how important weddings and babies are to women. As a child, my sister and I played with Barbies, our Barbies had the most lavish weddings! We even sewed gorgeous wedding gowns and matching bridesmaids dresses, we even made them gorgeous bouquets. Then they drove off with Ken in their very pink corvette and lived happily ever after. This was my dream minus the pink someday meet a man who was gonna let me have the wedding of my dreams. So what the hell happened? When did I become such a pushover? When did I lose my inner bitch diva that would stand up and scream," I deserve this and no I won't get married until I get it" Who the hell knows...all I know is that I've been married twice and have yet to have my wedding. My day.

My advice to any single women out there. Don't give up your dream of the perfect day. Or the perfect family. I believe it's out there, and I also believe that if a man truly loves you he will move heaven and earth to give you the few things that you ask for. As women and mothers and wives we sacrifice constantly. We don't need to be absolutley spoiled everyday, but there are a few key moments in a girls life where things just needs to be right. Right down to the last perfect detail. Or it will forever haunt you and bother you. My advice to men.....just the hell up and color, if your woman wants 20 bridesmaids and a 12 tier cake you better make that shit happen. It's one day.....give it to her!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Soy Milk???

I have struggled with Jackson and milk for years, and I think I've finally found the answer!!! Jackson has never been a milk drinker and to be honest, neither have I. Apart from putting it in coffee, cereal, or dunking cookies in it we would never drink it at all. But lately, the commercials for Silk have been speaking to me. I remember trying Soy milk years ago and it was gross. But yesterday I picked up a half gallon of Vanilla Silk Soy Milk and to my surprise .....we love it!!! Jackson not only drank a complete glass right away, he asked for more before bed and this morning wanted it in his cereal too! I have always turned my nose up at things that are not the "norm". I'm not one for trying new things and I absolutely avoid change if at all possible. But I'm so excited about this stuff, even put it in my coffee this morning, we can't wait to try the chocolate!!!!