Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The first tackle...

Okay, so I have just realized that one of the hardest things to watch your son do, is get tackled for the first time. I also realized that in all the years I watched football, I never really put much thought into how much a tackle would actually hurt. I know that sounds funny, but as a girl, it's really the last thing on my mind ! Now I realize that I didn't prepare Jax for it the best that I could. I mean, we talked about football being tough and that he would get hurt. But how do you prepare your child to get the shit knocked out of him? Especially when I've never been tackled! How do you prepare him and let him know how much it's gonna hurt and what to expect?

Well, Jackson took a beating last night. Most of the 2 hour practice was tackling and getting knocked around. I was a nervous wreck........mom's should not have to watch this!!! The first tackle knocked him to the ground and he just laid there. I think he was in shock. I know I was, as I leaned on the fence biting my nails! His coach picked him up and smacked his butt and said some encouraging words to him. Which was nice to see. I have to add, my son's coaches are awesome. They are tough, but at the same time they really build the kids up and really teach them alot, and most importantly, they really do care about the kids.

Anyway, after his tackle, Jax came over to me on his way back across the field, I could see 2 tears falling down his cheeks. He just looked at me and said,"mom, it really hurts". Holy shit!! What do you say to your kid at this point? How do you not baby him in front of his team? Why does he have to be so damn grown up already at only 9 yrs old? All I could say was," it's always gonna hurt buddy, it's football. You're doing a good job out there, just stay tough, and go kick some ass" He smiled and ran back out on the field.

The good news is, I finally have all the pads figured out and what pockets they go in. And last night I realized I had his belt all jacked up too. Other than me not knowing what I'm doing, I think we're getting the hang of it.

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