Friday, June 20, 2008


It's Friday! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! I'm so excited that this week is finally over. It always seems that the first week back to work after a vacation seems sooooooo long.

So Jackson and I have been struggling to get out of bed every morning this week. And today, as I was waking Jackson up....he struggled to open his eyes and said in the sweetest voice "is it finally friday?" "YEP BABY IT SURE IS!!! " I said! He got right up and started getting ready. We couldn't wait to get the day started just so it could be over with. We even celebrated on the way to work/daycare, with a trip through McDonalds drive through for a bacon egg 'n cheese breakfast bagel . We absolutely love them(minus the breakfast sauce of course, gross and ridiculously fattening)

We are planning on swimming ALOT this weekend! The pool in our development is ready and waiting!!! And of course, Couper is getting a trip to the Bark Park! Also we'll be getting ready for our yardsale next weekend. Still haven't decided how we'll spend our yardsale earnings. The choices a trampoline, go to a waterpark, go camping, or buy a tv for mommy's bedroom! hmmmmm....pretty sure mom is going to lose the tv!!! but oh well :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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