Saturday, June 7, 2008


Jackson received his 4H medal and certificate for completing different programs within 4H. He was so proud of it so we thought we'd post it! Our daycare actually provides different programs like this for the kids to participate in. I think it's great that they have extra programs to involve the kids in besides just playing all day. We are so blessed to have the daycare that we do. All of our teachers are fabulous and always smiling which makes going there at the buttcrack of dawn alot easier! Here's a shoutout to all the good daycare providers in the world that make life a little less worrisome for mom's like me.

Christina....check out his ultra cool Indiana Jones t-shirt!!! We found them at the GAP along with really cool vintage looking Star Wars ones!!

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Christina said...

LoVe LoVe the shirt!!! I'm going to now! :-)
Lovin' how proud Jackson is of his 4H medal. Yay! You know... I was President of our 4-H club for 2 years in a row!!! ;-) If he decides to show hogs at the county fair, I'm your girl! :-)