Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm a graduate!...well, sort of....

So I finally did it! I finished not one, but 2 CCAF degrees. These are Associate Degrees obtained from the Community College of the Air Force. Now to give some has taken me exactly 14 years to accomplish this. I know, I can stop laughing now!! As a single mom, and an active duty airman in the USAF, life can be pretty busy. Suddenly years slip by and you still haven't made education a #1 priority. I mean how can you? There's work, the gym, my son, soccer, guitar lessons, birthday parties, grass to be mowed, laundry....laundry...laundry, making breakfast, making dinner, packing a lunch, groceries....groceries....groceries, Jackson's homework that I sometimes don't even understand myself, bathtime, story time and prayers, mom I need to bring snack for all 30 kids tomorrow, then of course....relationships...uuugh, and by the way will someone please dust the top of my's freakin nasty!!!

And after all of that...I can finally say that I finished my CCAF degrees. It's not easy going to school when I can squeeze it in. But this made it all worth it. It was a really proud moment for me. My son Jackson was there to see me, and he was so proud he even drew a picture of it. And thank you so much to my parents who drove for nearly 8 hours just to cheer me on! It was awesome for them to be there for this. Now, my goal is to get my Bachelor's before my son graduates!

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