Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This blog thing should be easy, right?

Alot has been happening this past month....of course, I have failed to log it all into my blog! Why?? I have no idea....the internet is so easy, so accessible, so why is it so hard for me to take 5 mins. and sit down and write about what's going on? Hmmmm....interesting. I could do it at my desk at work, I walk by my laptop probably 20 times a day as I'm running up and down the stairs over and over, I could even get to it from my cell phone.....yet somehow it just doesn't get done. Maybe it's because I think too much...once I put it in my blog, it's there....and anyone can see it right? Do I really want people knowing what I really think? This could be dangerous!! Anyway, once again, I am going to promise myself that this is something I should sit down and do. At least once a week...I mean I'm sure I can find time once a week right?? Well, we will see.....

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